Why is my natural gas furnace not turning on

A faulty or dirty sensor/ignitor may cause your gas furnace to fail.

Several issues might be causing your natural gas furnace not to turn on. Fortunately, you can troubleshoot the problem without calling an HVAC technician. In most cases, the thermostat coils are to blame for the problem. Ordinarily, it should be in the auto or heat position and not in the ‘on’ position for the gas furnace to turn on. Another problem could be that your thermostat has malfunctioned. In this case, you will need to call your HVAC contractor to repair it. Also, check your furnace’s fuse to ensure it is connected well and that the code is not damaged. While at it, ensure the power switch is in the ON position. Check for burn marks on the control board. If found, it means your system had an electrical short. Call an HVAC professional to repair it. Check your furnace for a green light in the furnace blower by looking through the window. If the light is red or there is no light at all, you might have a faulty blower component. Another reason could be that you have a full condense pan. You empty the condensate pan so that the furnace can work properly. Check if there are any pipe blockages and unblock them. If the pump has lost its power, you should replace it with new HVAC equipment. Your furnace’s pilot light should stay lit so that your natural gas furnace can turn on. If it doesn’t, there could be a problem with the sensor or with the assembly. A faulty or dirty sensor/ignitor may cause your gas furnace to fail. Clean the ignitor for it to resume working again. Check the gas valves to the furnace to see if it is open. The valves should be in the ON position. If the gas supply valve is closed, it will cause disruption in the gas supply, leading to a lack of fuel to your HVAC system that also causes the gas furnace to not turn on.
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