Choosing the proper AC for a house full of pets

As a kid, we could never have pets in our home.

At first, I didn’t know why. I just thought my parents were mean. Later, I found out that my dad and baby brother were deathly allergic to cat and dog fur. With that knowledge, I let the matter rest. Later, as an adult, I finally had the chance to keep pets in my home. I chose a pet-friendly apartment and moved in after landing my first job. Next, I got a kitten and puppy. The two became my constant companions. My vet advised me to pick out a suitable AC unit for my home. Living in a hot climate meant they were susceptible to heatstroke. I did some research and found the right cooling system installation company near me to hire. They came with the air conditioning unit, which also served as a dehumidifier. That was music to my years, given how humid the apartment was during summer. The cooling unit would also serve as a heater during winter, keeping all of us toasty. The HVAC technician let me know that a pet home needed a different home air conditioner. Pet-friendly home AC and heating units made sure all animals left at home were comfortable and safe. Additionally, the home humidifier would improve indoor air quality. Pets shed a lot of microbes, dust, and other particles that can affect air quality. Therefore, my kitten and puppy needed an AC that also served as an air purifier. Once the installation was complete, we scheduled regular HVAC maintenance. I didn’t want to imagine the air conditioner developing problems in the height of summer when my pets were home alone. Thus periodic cooling unit repairs and servicing were mandatory. The good news is that the HVAC system repair costs would remain minimal, thanks to frequent servicing.


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