Factoring air quality into the project

My pals as well as I are diehard Halloween people, as well as more particularally the two of us are immense on haunted houses.

Every year the two of us spend the whole month of October hitting as many strange haunts as the two of us can find, even if the two of us have to drive a couple of fifths. Every one of us have also started hitting the major theme parks, which all do pressing Halloween blowouts these days. Every one of us were talking about how frightening it was that the pandemic might take away our beloved haunted houses this year. This got us talking about how to design as well as execute a great haunted cabin that would allow social distancing, as well as using ventilation as well as air purification to keep it as safe as possible. The only problem is that the two of us have to charge a lot more for tickets this time ,because of the HVAC unit as well as be able to sell fewer tickets to begin with, but however, this wasn’t about turning a profit (thank god ,because the two of us never have) however the two of us wanted to try as well as deliver a frightening haunt with excellent air quality as well as a entirely low COVID risk. Well, that didn’t last long because the two of us couldn’t rent HVAC equipment, as well as it was just far too pricey to purchase outright. Even if the two of us just got free laying air filters as well as media air cleaners, it still cost us way too much money, then just for fun the two of us designed a virtual haunted house, including all the details including the HVAC system, to see exactly what it would take to make it safely. If anyone has ten grand to give us, or a truck load of free HVAC equipment, the two of us are interested.

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