An encounter at the grocery store

I have regularly been a person of habit, plus every month I do the grocery shopping on Thursday, and because today has been a pretty average day, when I went to the store to pick up the needed items for this week, I was surprised when I ran into an seasoned neighbor of mine from school. I was in the produce part getting some yellows when he just ran up out of nowhere. The people I was with and I said hi plus did some catching up plus before I could even get a word he started enthusing about his up-to-date heating plus air conditioner! He went on about how amazing the cooling technology of his air conditioner was plus how he never thought he would be able to afford such a nice air conditioner. Before I could even ask him how he got it, he rushed into explaining how he had signed up for the heating plus cooling companies Heating & A/C repair idea plus that enabled him to get the Heating & A/C repair he needed. I briefly was able to tell him how good that was before he started telling me how difficult it was for him to decide. He explained that the Heating & A/C business had such a good selection of heating plus cooling devices that he had had a certainly difficult time choosing. He then advocated to me the gas furnace plus air conditioner provider that he uses plus told me that he was so happy with their services that he was considering buying something else just to support them. He mentioned possibly getting a gas fireplace. By the time the conversation was over he did most of the talking plus I had done most of the listening. He hurriedly said goodbye before rushing over to someone else in the store plus started telling them what he had just told me.

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