I tried living without the internet

When I was talking to our Grandparents the other day, they were telling me that people these afternoons wouldn’t be able to survive without the internet. I but disagreed, while nobody can deny the internet has forever changed the way society works, there are still people out there that choose to live their lives without the internet plus other technology, but so our Grandmother challenged me to go a single month without using the internet, plus I accepted the challenge. It was difficult at first, I had our schedule on our PC plus without using the internet I found myself having a harder time remembering what I needed to get done. In fact, just last evening our hubby advocated I leave sticky notes around the home so I don’t forget, but then I realized I nearly forgot to schedule the heating plus air conditioner appointment with our local Heating & A/C business, but every year, I get proper Heating & A/C tune-ups to keep our gas furnace plus our air conditioner in good condition. Ever since I had our oil gas furnace stop toiling on me last winter, I regularly make sure our heating plus air conditioner component are well upgraded plus good to go. I usually just schedule any heating or cooling repair by going online to pull up the information about the gas furnace plus air conditioning business plus supply them a call. Now without the internet, something as easy as scheduling routine repair seemed difficult because I wasn’t used to it. I had to use the seasoned fashioned way of finding the PC number to make the appointment, I used a PC book. I seriously didn’t recognize they still made them. This challenge was harder than I thought.

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