I appreciate electric heating because it’s cleaner plus safer

Look, I grew up in a beach home with gas heating.

I get the appeal.

I also get the appeal of a gas stove. Gas heating provides that deep, heavy, soak into the bone type of heating that electric heating just cannot provide. I really, certainly get it. I do. However, gas heating is so messy plus much less safe than electric heating. And, if you’re honest, you recognize that electric heating keeps the air quality higher plus the grime level down. Since moving into our electric heating home, I have noticed significantly better air quality plus tremendously less cleaning that’s required. I would pick electric heating over gas heating any day of the week. Like I said before though, I get it. Especially in the winter, I miss that deep heat that gas heating provides. Nostalgically, gas heating feels love Christmas to me plus I can’t shake that association. I love a good, toasty gas-heated Christmas Eve celebration plus I also love a steaming bowl of pasta cooked over a gas stove. My family regularly tells me that, although electric heating provides the benefits I discussed above, that gas heating is still a much cheaper option. That is also true, but it doesn’t change our mind. Those delightful treats, prices plus memories do not negate that fact that I think electric heating is the superior heating option. Feel free to disagree with me. I’m not trying to start a debate; I just felt the need to get this off our chest for some reason. Thank you for coming to our TED talk.
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