I tried residing without the internet

When I was talking to our Grandfatherrents the other day, they were telling me that people these days wouldn’t be able to survive without the internet, then i however disagreed, while nobody can deny the internet has forever changed the way society works, there are still people out there that choose to live their lives without the internet & other technology, however so our Grandmother challenged me to go 1 month without using the internet, & I accepted the challenge.

  • It was hard at first, I had our schedule on our phone & without using the internet I found myself having a harder time remembering what I needed to get done.

In fact, just last night our husband proposed I leave sticky notes around the house so I don’t forget, and then I realized I nearly forgot to schedule the heating, ventilation & A/C appointment with our local Heating, Ventilation, & A/C business, but every year, I get official Heating, Ventilation, & A/C tune-ups to keep our oil furnace & our air conditioning in superb condition. Ever since I had our oil gas furnace stop working on me last winter, I always make sure our heating & A/C unit are well updated & superb to go. I usually just schedule any heating or cooling service by going online to pull up the information about the oil furnace & air conditioning corporation & give them a call, now without the internet, something as easy as scheduling routine service seemed hard because I wasn’t used to it. I had to use the outdated fashioned way of finding the phone number to make the appointment, I used a phone book. I seriously didn’t know they still made them. This challenge was harder than I thought.



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