My sibling is a nutrition training coach

My brother Bobby has recently opened up his own gym & is becoming a nutrition training coach! He’s always been very interested in health & wellness & he’s fantastic at helping people.

He’s very a people person & almost everyone prefers him, especially ladies! I know that’s because he’s super handsome & personable, plus he lifts weights all the time so he’s super fit. He decided to go back to school to become a nutrition training coach & a weightlifting coach. He thinks that as a nutrition lifestyle coach, he will be better equipped to help people at his new gym. I know that if you’re looking for a place to labor out & get healthier, then you might very like going to a place that has a nutrition lifestyle coach right there on the premises. It only makes sense. Bobby is also thinking about expanding into the local meal prep services business. He thinks that if people have prepared meals that are ready to eat, then they will be much more likely to follow his advice as a nutrition training coach, then that makes total sense to me. The easier something is for me, the better. I suppose that almost everyone are the same way when it comes to following the path of least resistance. Having someone tell you a customized nutrition program & then having them hand you a bunch of prepared meals is particularly 1 way to get people to eat healthier! I know that it would particularly labor for me. Bobby is going to be a fantastic nutrition training coach.

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