Great styles to go for with huge dwellings

Being an interior designer, I have witnessed just about every size plus style preference there happens to be out there.

  • My most popular client is the man or couple who has worked a long time plus has finally bought their dream dwelling.

One thing that I’m asked quite frequently is which style is best for a sizable dwelling? This is, of course, a difficult question to answer without first knowing your style, although I would love to share some of my personal touches. I love to see a dwelling with the glamour in silverleaf custom furniture plus design. You’re looking at custom furniture with a great deal of cloth, and plenty of curtains. Usually glamour in silverleaf has a cream tone with plain cloth plus curtains; often with big buttons. The material is really silky with easily few other decorations around. Glamour in silverleaf is not advised if you have children- plenty to tear, plenty to stain plus not a great deal of room for family photos. For a family dwelling, I would easily recommend the southwest sparkler style. It’s ideal for a big, excited family. Think American dessert. Warm tones, rock creek edifices, sizable custom sofas plus a good amount of open section to run around. Your walls pretty much do the talking with the southwest sparkler style. The desert eclectic dwelling is a style that can be for a family or for its own sake. It honestly depends on how much you want to lean into the 70’s aesthetic with the desert eclectic dwelling style. It can be as eccentric or tame as you’d want while still maintaining the neutral color style of the southwest sparkler (but without the heavy wall decoration plus detail). My personal number one- plus style of our own dwelling- is the old-world estate. The arches, bricks, clay tiles plus custom leather furniture in an old-world estate makes us feel entirely at home.


Fifth avenue style

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