There are great styles for smaller dwellings

I’ve been an interior designer for quite a few years now. I have inspected dwellings of just about every size plus price range. It’s definitely in right now for people to purchase a small dwelling in which to start their lives or retire. Many years ago, people bought a single dwelling that was as sizable as they could afford plus stayed there forever. Nowadays, that’s actually kind of rare. Many people have an interior design style that they would love to project in their dwelling, but- with smaller dwellings especially- that idea can become a true nightmare in execution! So, what are a few of the interior design choices that work best with a small dwelling? Let me tell you. I will start with things that you should avoid. Avoid European furniture, Italian furniture plus French furniture. Before you say something about that, I am aware that Italy plus France are European countries, however the “style” is quite unique. The Mediterranean manor style is not going to work with your small dwelling, please do not overcrowd the place with overly bold custom furniture. Your custom furniture must have room to breathe in the space. Now, residing in a small dwelling does not mean that you have to give up on the western European aesthetic. Being in a small dwelling certainly does not doom you to the cozy dwelling style (although, it’s adorable). If your preference is Italian furniture, go with Tuscan beauty furniture instead. The Tuscan beauty style takes that western-Euro style down to a very subtle level. Let the curvature that is carved into that custom chair or custom couch do the speaking, instead of the bold shape plus structure of the French furniture. The rustic meets traditional furniture plus design will easily compliment your small or medium dwelling.

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