My pets dislike our air conditioner

I picked her up and took her away from it.

I recently moved into a new home, and with it came a brand new heating and cooling system. Whoever originally owned the home had a really nice HVAC system installed, and it was only used for less than a year! I thought I had lucked out, as my last house had a barely functioning air conditioning unit, and I had to get it completely repaired by a HVAC technician. Anyhow, the cooling system was the kind that is inside your home, and it’s in my basement. My previous cooling machine was in my garage where my pets couldn’t see it. Now that my pets can see the heater and AC unit, they seem to really dislike it. It started after I heard my cat hissing and growling, worried that she may have somehow hurt herself, I followed the noise until I found her positioned directly in front of the air conditioner. She was puffed up and continued to growl at the AC device. I picked her up and took her away from it. Later, I found my dog also barking and growling at the HVAC component. I’m not sure exactly what they dislike so much about the new HVAC unit, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was brand new and worked great, the entire HVAC system could manage to cool my house in 30 minutes, and I was lovin it. I decided to just block off access to the basement for my pets, since they both seemed to hate the new HVAC method so much.

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