When it's time to switch out the filters

There are several steps I have to take to ensure my constant health while I deal with my medical problems.

At the age of ten I started to develop serious abdominal problems whenever I ate specific foods.

I would eat breakfast when I got to school in the morning plus would be in the lavatory an hour or several later during class. Initially I thought it was simply lactose intolerance. But splitting out dairy from my diet was not enough to reverse the symptoms. They kept returning with a vengeance whenever I thought my health was improving; It was at this moment that I was inspected with irritable bowel syndrome. This seemed like a good enough explanation than any other until my symptoms got even worse over the next 10 years. My immune plan bottomed out on me plus I could not feel better no matter what I tried to do with my diet plus lifestyle. As time went on, it became changingly clear that I had Crohn’s disease plus would need to work extra hard to keep my residing space disinfect because of my compromised immune system. Other than cleaning respectfully, I decided to add an extra layer of defense to my indoor air. I added UV bulbs to my central Aside from preventing mold growth inside their , they also kill germs of every kind that come into contact with the lights. That means both bacterial plus viral pathogens are ruined by the light. If I can lower the risk of exposure to airborne diseases, I’ll do whatever I can.

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