I think the UV bulbs in my air conditioner need to be replaced

There are extra steps I have to take to ensure my constant health while I deal with my medical issues.

At 10 years old I started to develop severe abdominal problems whenever I ate certain foods.

I would eat breakfast when I got to school in the morning and would be in the bathroom an hour or two later while in class. At first I thought it was simply lactose intolerance. But cutting out dairy from my diet was not enough to reverse the symptoms. They kept coming back with a vengeance whenever I thought my health was improving. It was at this moment that I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. This seemed like a good enough explanation than any other until my symptoms got even worse over the next 10 years. My immune system bottomed out on me and I could not feel better no matter what I tried to do with my diet and lifestyle. As time went on, it became increasingly clear that I had Crohn’s disease and would need to work extra hard to keep my living space clean because of my compromised immune system. Aside from cleaning regularly, I decided to add an extra layer of defense to my indoor air. I added UV bulbs to my central air conditioner. Aside from preventing mold growth inside their air conditioner, they also kill germs of every kind that come into contact with the lights. That means both bacterial and viral pathogens are destroyed by the light. If I can lower the risk of exposure to airborne illnesses, I’ll do whatever I can.


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