A final solution for the kitchen heat

This past year has seen myself and others cooking nearly every meal that I can.

I spent too much of my money on buying prepared food while I’m out.

When I realized I could save up to $50 every month on food expenses if I simply cooked my own meals instead, I pounced on the opportunity. I purchased myself a few cookbooks and started subscribing to many cooking related Youtube channels to watch during my downtime. At the start it seemed overwhelming and I wondered if I would ever learn enough to cook the meals I was dreaming of. But after a few weeks, I began to see the connections in how particular ingredients and spices are used in several different dishes across many cooking styles. Before long I was tied up cooking in my kitchen more than a few times every day with new dishes all of the time. When you are using the stove as much as I do, you create a lot of steam that can heat up your lake house without you realizing it. That’s why I honestly prefer having a vent hood above my stove top in my kitchen. It takes the majority of that steam and pushes it outside through an opening on my roof. My heating and cooling specialist is the professional who installed the vent hood and the person who services it and maintains it. After a good amount of time, the vent can become dirty and stained from the food you cook on a day to day basis. I haven’t had any issues with my cooking ventilation plan yet, although I plan to keep scheduling inspections twice a year because of how often I handle it.

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