AC with a lot of wind power

I’m so proud of our nephew! He is turning 6 years old today and everybody is so gleeful to throw him a totally awesome cheerful birthday celebration.

We rented a celebration room down at the film theatre and planned to watch his favorite films, followed by celebrating with cake and gifts.

He was so gleeful and told everyone all about how he invited all his friends from school, when 4:00 PM rolled around both of us had just finished seeing the film and both of us headed down to the celebration room. There we laid out his cake and put up balloons and all his little friends from school and their parents brought him birthday gifts. Suddenly the air conditioning in the room came on and we were all surprised to see how much of a blast came out. The air was cool but not too cold. Curious as to why so much air was being blown out, we turned our attention to the a/c component and noticed how large it was! The air from the air conditioning had practically all of our hair blowing in every direction. This cooling plan swiftly became the topic of the adult discussion while the kiddos played celebration games with each other. Then a friend of a friend stepped up and explained that he worked for a heating & cooling supplier and the a/c component both of us were discussing was a normal commercial Heating & Air Conditioning system, nothing strange. He did however comment that it was weird for the settings to be turned up so high. Forgetting about the a/c, we continued the celebration with the kids and everybody had a good time.

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