HVAC technicians are prioritizing the elderly

I was very upset with the HVAC company for forgetting about my HVAC unit until I realized that the HVAC technician wasn’t actually avoiding my house.

  • I have never had trouble with getting the HVAC company to repair or replace my HVAC unit.

Usually, the HVAC company is very quick to make sure all of the customers are satisfied. My central air conditioner is not working very well, and since the summer is about to begin, I really need to make sure that my central air conditioner is working. I am also working from home, so it is very important to get the central air conditioner running properly. However, when I called the HVAC company, they told me that they wouldn’t be able to fix the central air conditioner until a few weeks. I got angry at first. However, the secretary of the HVAC company explained what the problem was. Apparently, there are a lot of calls for the HVAC company, and the HVAC technicians have been very busy. However, there is a bad virus going around, and it is affecting the elderly the most. The HVAC technicians are prioritizing the elderly first, and all of the calls for the HVAC company are being put on hold until the elderly are taken care of. While I was angry at first, I was very happy to hear that the HVAC company is doing this, and I am more than willing to wait.


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