Stocking up on supplies

There’s been a virus going around lately, and that means I need to stock up in case of home isolation. The most essential supplies I went to get first like food, water and medicine. I got a nice early start before the mobs of people did and managed to get a lot of good items, and while I was at the store, I witnessed 2 girls fighting over the last roll of toilet paper, and I couldn’t help however to shake our head. I went ahead and purchased the last of the soap and hand sanitizers, since I knew I was going to need it. I system on keeping most of these items in storage and only using them if necessary, so If there is a lockdown, I won’t have to worry, however for now, I will go ahead and go to eat since the virus hasn’t gotten too bad. If it gets any worse, then we guess I will have to be a hermit and stay home. On a brighter note, the virus has allowed me to get a lot done. I had a lot of Springtime cleaning to get done, so while I was mostly staying home I decided to go through and thoroughly clean our beach house I took our broom and mop and got into every nook and cranny and cleaned every inch of our home. I also started getting back into writing again, and even with those 2 things, I still had plenty of free time… An plan suddenly dawned upon me, and I decided to get our heating and cooling systems inspected early this year. I wasn’t supposed to have our Heating and A/C units inspected until a couple of weeks, however with how this virus is, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Mini split air conditioner

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