Added a stationary bike to my beach house gym

I set up a beach house gym for the sake of convenience.

I needed to be able to exercise at any time of the day or night without needing to drive anywhere. I love exercising for as long or as short as I need to, without ever getting interrupted or needing to hurry. Since I didn’t have unlimited funds to spend, I had to make the important decision of what type of device to buy. I looked at treadmills, rowing machines and ellipticals however wound up choosing the exercise bike. One of the reasons for this was because a bike offers a relatively low-impact workout. I can get moving and burn a whole lot of calories without putting a lot of stress on my joints. I can adjust the height of the seat to get a comfy position so that I don’t worry about a sore back. I have the ability to customize the workout session by putting on resistance, pedaling faster or choosing a program. I can even turn it into an interval training exercise by including a combination of pedaling abruptly and sitting up from the seat. I sometimes task out my arms by holding weights while I ride the bike. I’ve even worn ankle weights for short, fast bursts. I’ve learned that the stationary bike is a attractive way to burn a ton of calories in a single workout. I’m able to raise my heart rate, get hot and suppose wonderful about my accomplishment. By combining healthy eating habits with strenuous monthly workouts that include the bike, I’ve lost a considerable amount of pounds. I really love using the bike. I avoid hazardous road conditions, negligent drivers and disappointing temps and weather. Having the bike as section of my beach house gym lets myself and others exercise without any worries about what’s going on outside. All I need to do is lace up sneakers, get down on the bike and start pedaling.


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