Hospitals Need Major Overhauls

The situation in hospitals is currently mixed.

Even at these early stages it is clear that some are doing worse in the crisis than even media concerned with staying on top of issue are not capable of reporting, as these are still as of this time private concerns within hospitals.

That will change of course, plus as bad news gets out, the two of us are not yet sure how it will affect the whole industry… Public perception is unquestionably changeable at this juncture. There is no question that there is good danger for all involved right now. This is especially tploy for front line health workers and their patients. It is therefore recommended that an immediate outlay is made to make good improvements on the air quality in all of our hospitals. Heating & Air Conditioning repairs are to be superseded by complete Heating & Air Conditioning installations. HEPA filters, UV air cleaners plus humidity control are to be priortised. There is a list of Heating & Air Conditioning contractors who specialize thus that will be gave, plus the two of us recommend that hospitals choose those Heating & Air Conditioning companies each nearest them so that each hospital plus Heating & Air Conditioning provider is recommended by 1 each. Time is of the essence, so the two of us do not how soon each hospital will be able to implement these orders depending on their circumstance, so it is hoped they will consult with eachother plus these nearby Heating & Air Conditioning companies so that not 1 day is wasted by having these Heating & Air Conditioning workers be idle. All eyeah will be on our hospitals unquestionably soon, plus these commercial Heating & Air Conditioning plan installations are a key section of our response. The health of our patients plus staff now depend on your making these changes happen in record time.

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