Had no clue about HVAC ductwork cleaning

It’s insane that I can go through life and suddenly learn something that seems everybody else knew all along.

I had that thing happen when it came to my Heating and A/C appliance air ducts. I’m a bachelor and live on my own in a small however nicely appointed dwelling. Now being a bachelor typically comes with the stereotype that men who are living by themselves are major slobs. That is so not the case when it comes to me. As a matter of fact, I live alone for the opposite reason. Having roommates over the years always frustrated me a huge amount because they just weren’t as into being as clean and organized as I happened to be. I adore coming back to my dwelling at night to a clean, well organized place where I can relax in the Heating and A/C comfort. And residing on my own has made this work well for me. My dwelling is always clean. So it was weird when I started discovering these little piles of dark dirt or heavy dust in the middle of the floor. It took me quite some time to realize that these spots were straight under the Heating and A/C air vents. So I called the Heating and A/C people thinking I had a heating & cooling appliance issue. What I had was a dirty Heating and A/C air duct drawback. Yet, this was the first time I was learning of this situation. I had no idea in the slightest that Heating and A/C air ducts get cleaned on a professional level. My Heating and A/C supplier set me up with a sibling supplier who did nothing however disinfect ductwork systems. I was stunned to see the amount of debris that came out of the ductwork system But now, I have a dwelling that is even that much cleaner which makes me extremely happy.


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