Never knew that HVAC air ducts got cleaned

It’s crazy that I can go through life and suddenly learn something that it appears everyone else knew about all along.

I had that very thing happen when it came to my HVAC air ducts.

I’m a bachelor and live on my own in a small but nicely appointed house. Now being a bachelor often comes with the stereotype that guys who live alone are slobs. That is so not the case for me. In fact, I live alone for the very opposite reason. Having roomates over the years always frustrated me because they just weren’t as into being as clean and organized as I was. I like to come home at night to a clean, well organized home where I can relax in the HVAC comfort. And living on my own has made this possible. My house is always clean. So it was weird when I started finding these little piles of dark dirt or heavy dust in the middle of the floor. It took me a bit to realize that these spots were directly under the HVAC air vents. So I called the HVAC people thinking I had a heating & cooling problem. What I had was a dirty HVAC air duct problem. Yet, this was the first time I was learning of this particular situation. I had no idea that HVAC air ducts got cleaned. My HVAC company set me up with a sister company who did nothing but clean air ducts. I was stunned to see the amount of stuff that came out of those air ducts. But now, I have a house that is even that much cleaner which makes me just that much happier.


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