The best way to save money when you fix an HVAC is to hire someone

Time is money, so they say.

Having time or money is great, but usually you have to trade one for the other.

I tried to save time by fixing my own HVAC unit at my home and quickly learned I lost time and lost money. Not only did I take twice as long as a professional to repair the unit, I had to buy some tools to fix the air conditioner. I should have consulted an expert or called one out to assess my problem before trying to fix it. I further increased the hassle by getting a wire stuck and the unit had to basically be replaced because I messed it up. I had some heating and cooling knowledge but never worked on a unit before. I was a trade service repair man but I didn’t work on air conditioners or heaters. The systems can be complex and use electricity so safety measures have to be followed strictly. A normal HVAC repair should take 4 to 8 hours but for me it took 14 to 16, I basically started it at night and finished fixing the air conditioner the next day. If I wanted to save money and time, I could have found a cheap company nearby to fix the air conditioner and just watched how he fixed it too. The repair man was fast and pointed out a few things I may have done wrong, he was an experienced worker and it took him only 3 hours to fix my air conditioning unit. I’m gonna have a better plan and a better expert next time when my heating and cooling unit breaks.

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