A lot of people are using stimulus money on home repairs

A lot of people are using the government stimulus money to make home repairs that have been pushed to the side for months or years.

My acquaintance had two trees split down in her front yard. The woman can finally get sunshine in the front of the house. My sibling used the stimulus money to upgrade the dishwasher in the kitchen. The aged machine had not worked in almost many years, but our sibling was not going to use her savings on a dishwasher, however she said that she had two young children that were perfectly capable of washing and drying the dishes. When she got stimulus money from the government, she went to the hardware store and picked out a brand new dishwasher. I also used the stimulus money on home repairs. I decided to upgrade the oil furnace. It was time to upgrade the oil furnace, but I was trying to wait until I had more money. When the government dropped $1,200 into our lap, it seemed like the perfect time to upgrade the aged oil furnace, but as soon as the deposit was made, I started calling for estimates on the new equipment. I am not the only woman who used their stimulus money to upgrade aged Heating and A/C equipment. The serviceman that came to perform the installation told me that the business has been extremely busy, she was working 10 fifth afternoons even in the middle of the pandemic. The woman said things started to option up as soon as the first checks were issued. I wasn’t the only woman waiting to make apartment repairs.

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