You can test in it

I work in modular construction which means shipping containers that can be converted into anything… Do you want a mobile fitness unit or a laundry room? My dealer can design any sort of idea you want and make it into a mobile container. For a long time our dealer was thriving because people would want container cabins to put on campsites. We also got a lot of homeowners buying prefab containers and making them additions in their house. They could have a bathroom, storage unit or even just an extra space. With coronavirus being a pain in the bottom, our dealer has shifted our mindset a bit. My dealer became prepared and is now able to be testing locations. That is right, people can now get a coronavirus test in our shipping containers. We found a way to get coronavirus tests, familiar cleaning materials and make a container large enough to maintain social distancing… People who live in community areas tend to purchase mobile zones and test everyone on the street. Some large corporations have set up container coronavirus testing zones for their workers to be inspected before coming back. Retail stores, voting locations and even small businesses have contacted us about our testing equipment before. It is absolutely nice that our dealer has been able to adapt our company model to where everyone still has work and is relevant. It is not as fun designing a coronavirus testing spot as a mobile laundry room or office, however it still work so I won’t complain.

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