Due to the gym, my life is actually changing

It’s just a fact that I have a problem with addictive substances.

I don’t hide or deny that fact any longer.

In fact, I do the opposite. I acknowledge that I have to be really careful or I will fall back into self defeating behavior. This has been a battle for me since my late teens. Yet, being honest and straight forward about it is a big part of managing the situation. I learned a lot about this when I got into a wellness and recovery program. The company I work for helps out. The corporate wellness program is allowing me to have the guidance and support to live a healthy life. Health and wellness is essential to overcoming my addiction in the long run. I was urged to join a health and fitness center as part of my wellness and recovery program. Dealing with the certified fitness experts as well as the nutritional counseling has been an enormous support. I may be going to the local gym to complete my workout program. But, I am also there with wellness and recovery as my main priority. The group fitness training classes have other people who are also dealing with wellness and recovery. Being with that group has also been such an important method of support. I feel as though I have a shared experience with those around me. We can relate to each other. I also like that we are in this together in an effort to stay committed to our health and wellness goals. With the guidance and support of those associated in my wellness and recover program, I will indeed make the best changes possible for my life.


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