Setting new goals for my personal health and fitness

Most of my life, I have spent mostly just going along with the program.

I haven’t really been exactly social or into stuff like going to the local gym.

That changed just recently. Before, I just kind of slid by in life in order to do as little as was required of me. It fit how I felt about life because I just had such limited motivation. However, I was recently challenged by a good friend of mine. She saw potential in me that I just didn’t see. It was such a different feeling to have someone actively pulling for me. My friend showed me all about our corporate wellness program. Her experience had been so important in her commitment to a better way of life. This corporate wellness program totally outlined a program that I found to be clear and achievable. Then with a bit of trepidation, I went to the local gym in order to sign up for a gym membership. This was actually a profound life changing moment for me. It was much more that what I had pictured a gym experience to offer. Right away, I got into the nutritional counseling so I was putting the right stuff in my body. With the help of a certified fitness expert, I began to lay out a goal oriented plan that I found motivating and fun. I really loved the yoga classes. They really resonated with my more quiet nature. But really, all of my workout programs have met my fun expectation level. Progress is happening as I tick off goal after goal.

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