The cooling and heating provider who sold me a wrong HVAC

I had just opened my retail clothes business in town.

With the nature of the business, customers need serene air quality because they spend quite some time shopping, fitting the outfits to find what they want.

I knew I had to invest in a new HVAC that could be efficient with this in mind. Since I knew the HVAC company that sold me my home system, I called them to deliver at the premises. I felt no need to hire a new contractor because the current one served me well. The air conditioning business does not offer homeowner solutions cover, and neither do they send in a technician. I called my independent a/c repairman to do the air conditioner install. My technician has been in the cooling industry, and I trusted his services, where he also doubled up to give me some expert advice. He arrived right on time for the installation. When he was about to start the work, he noticed that the equipment was a residential HVAC. The shop needed a commercial HVAC because it was a business premise. That was something I had not considered. I took myself to the air conditioning business for an exchange. I further interrogated the air conditioning professional on his failure to serve me with the commercial air conditioner despite me explaining to him that the HVAC was for my business. The cooling and heating provider apologized and served me with the best commercial system. I also opted for the replaceable air filter to avoid the hustle of washing it every time. After the installation, the technician rushed to another client who needed a furnace/heater repair.


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