Finally my dad bought a new HVAC

I am happy to write about my experience with the new HVAC that my dad bought me.

We have been using an old HVAC that has been faulty hence giving us unsatisfactory service.

We had asked our dad to buy a new system, but he had delayed taking action, asking us to be patient. The dealbreaker came when the furnace/heater stopped working. Winter was around the corner, and early preparation of having a proper heating system was key. Instead of calling the a/c repairman for a furnace/heater repair, dad decided it was time to get a new system. He consulted with an air conditioning professional on the best HVAC to purchase. He was directed to an HVAC company that was within our hometown. I accompanied my dad to the air conditioning business, which was known to have the best services. My dad was eager to learn more about the cooling industry and the energy-saving hacks. The new contractor told us always to remember to wash the air filter every three months. This was new to my dad because he had bought the old system a long time ago and with a replaceable filter that he found expensive. The HVAC had inbuilt homeowner solutions cover for five years. My dad was so happy, and he wished he bought the new air conditioning system early. Cumulatively, the old HVAC had cost a lot of money, which was equivalent to buying new equipment. Anyway, the technician sent by the cooling and heating provider did the air conditioner install in the house. The service was great, and we instantly loved the change in air quality.


HEPA filter

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