I really hate rude and impatient people

I just had something really annoying happen today, that I need to vent about.

Today I had a HVAC appointment, for HVAC maintenance.

Routinely, I have my heating and cooling system checked twice a year, to make sure it is in top shape. I always go with my trusted HVAC company that has been great and friendly until today. I was waiting at home for the HVAC specialist, when he came and knocked at my door. Upon letting him in, he didn’t say much and just went straight to my A/C. Okay, some people are antisocial, I didn’t really think too much of it. After he was done, I had a few questions I wanted to ask. You see, my heating and cooling unit has been working for a long time, and it was getting pretty old. The weatherman was predicting a hot summer, with a good chance of getting a heatwave, which meant that my HVAC component would have to work really hard. Since it was older, I was concerned it might not be able to take the workload. I wanted to express these concerns to the HVAC tech, but pretty much as soon as he finished he sped walk straight to the door. I had to physically call him back to ask him a few questions. The entire time I was asking, he was rolling his eyes, tapping his foot and looking at his watch. Like, how hard is it to at least halfway pretend you’re interested in what someone has to say? This guy was incredibly rude and impatient and that really annoyed me. As soon as he left I complained to the HVAC corporation, who apologized for his behaviour. I hope I don’t see him again.


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