Getting started at the gym

I’m noticing a change in my body and energy levels

Getting motivated is not easy for me. It’s been a problem for most of my life. Even when I was a child, my parents had trouble getting me interested in activities or hobbies. That was the height of the video game evolution and gaming was all I wanted to do. I was so not concerned with physical fitness of any type. It just wasn’t for me. I was always a bit uncoordinated and not overly strong. That didn’t help to get me to join a sport. So, I found a certain niche in playing video games. I never minded being alone. Those early years set a sort of precedent for my lack of commitment to health and wellness later in life. Instead of doing something proactive to increase health, strength and overall fitness level as an adult, I would just head to work and relax on the couch when I returned home. I wasn’t all that happy in my life. When a coworker pointed out that doing just a short workout program each day would significantly benefit my life, I decided to give it a try. I went along with him to his fitness center and hoped I could motivate myself. I found a very welcoming environment. The fitness center is super modern and clean. It offers a diverse selection of gear and equipment. They offer all different types of group fitness classes, including spin, yoga, kickboxing and pilates. I am really excited to try these fitness programs. It was a revelation to see all the options. There truly is something for everyone. I also had no problem stepping right in. No one looked at me funny or seemed to judge me. I started with a beginner fitness class and saw some progress. I’m noticing a change in my body and energy levels. I am in a better mood and feeling more confident.

Workout program

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