Personal training is the key to success

I have no idea how many times over the last several years I have paid for a gym membership only to quit.

It’s embarrassing to add up the money I wasted.

Nearly every holiday season, I would start feeling fat and out of shape. I’d get determined to make improvements to my health and appearance and join a local gym. I’d be conscientious about weight lifting and running on the treadmill for a couple of weeks. Eventually, my visits and time at the gym would diminish to nothing. This was the cycle that I repeated over and over, year after year. I wish I’d known then more about health and wellness. This January, once again, my doctor warned me that my lack of activity and poor eating habits were going to cause my major health problems. I gave the same answer as always. I said I’d join the local gym and promised to stick with it this time. The doctor suggested I try a health and fitness center for better results. I visited the health and fitness center and was really surprised by what I found. Upon signing up for a gym membership, I received two free sessions with a personal trainer. The one on one fitness coaching was the missing key to my success. After the two initial sessions, I signed up with the personal trainer for a year of training. She held me accountable and saw results very quickly. I started to look and feel better. This led to more energy, more confidence and more determination to achieve my goals.

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