Getting fit before a big move

I’ve spent most of my life just going along with things. I have never really engaged in social activities or athletic teams. I never signed up at the local gym or any of that sort of stuff. For many years, I had no real hobbies or interests. I felt I was living a quiet and peaceful life and it was fine for me. Then, I was offered a promotion at work. This new position required me to move across the country. I realized I was getting a fresh start. This was an opportunity to put my best self forward. I’d be taking charge of an important division of the company and have more responsibility. I’d be meeting new people and expecting respect. I needed confidence. I needed to feel good about myself. I decided to get in better shape. I went to the local gym to workout. I had twelve weeks before the move. I hoped this was enough time to lose weight. When I saw a flyer advertising the services of a personal trainer, I gave it a try. That was the best phone call I ever made. Having a personal trainer work with me made all the difference. She helped me to set up the perfect workout program to target weight loss and muscle toning. She pushed me to work harder and longer. The training sessions were extremely demanding and tiring. I was often sore and tempted to give up. But I pushed through and quickly started to notice progress. This helped to get me more motivated. By the time I moved and took on the new job, I looked and felt like a totally different person. I’ve now realized that working out helps me to manage stress and enjoy better sleep. I am happier, healthier and more successful than ever.

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