Personal trainer helped me get healthy

It took me way too long to prioritize my physical health. Signing up for a gym membership may have saved my life. The effects of too much work and stress was offset by eating too much. I was very sedentary. I allowed that to be my lifestyle for far too long. I worked too many hours without any sort of physical activities. Health and wellness was not something I ever considered. It never concerned me. If I worked up a sweat mowing the lawn or played a round of golf, that was more than enough for me. Meanwhile, I was putting in eighty hours a week at a high stress job because I was passionate about my career. I also enjoyed the money I was making. I could afford the finer things. This made it easy to indulge my taste for rich food, expensive whiskey and imported cigars. All that over-indulgence finally caught up with me when I passed out while sitting at my desk one day. The doctor had been urging me to change my lifestyle and pay more attention to my health. Of course, I paid no attention. This time, the doctor was more insistent and concerned. My health was at definite risk. Suddenly, I took my health and wellness far more seriously and joined a local gym. I found a personal trainer who has helped me to change my enter life. This professional got me to agree to nutritional programs. The certified fitness expert knew just how to help me turn things around. THe workout sessions are super strenuous and I was tempted to quit so many times. However, the personal trainer kept me motivated and I’m doing so much better now.



Nutritional Counseling

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