Healthy habits make for a better mood

The yoga class has helped me to understand that I can slow down and relax a bit

I am a little disguised with the way my generation handles themselves. It seems whenever I come across one of my peers, they are miserable and defensive. Nothing is ever their fault and they do nothing but complain. I can understand how times can get tough and recent events have certainly presented some challenges. The political climate in this country is cause for concern. However, I wish more of my peers could embrace better health and wellness. I have committed to my physical and mental well being and it’s made all the difference. While I have never been moody, angry or depressed, I have experienced stress. I think everyone can relate to that. Taking time for myself was not an easy thing to do. However, once I signed up for membership at the body wellness center, my perspective on life began to change. I take group fitness classes, personal training and also nutritional counseling. These are the perfect tools to deal with stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression. It’s just much easier to handle adversity when you feel physically fit. Feeling good about myself puts me in a better mood. Accomplishing a strenuous workout makes me feel proud of myself. I also look good, which gives me more confidence. Joining a health and wellness center taught me how important that aspect is in everyday life. I love the workout program I am currently following. It not only provides me with personal fitness, but gives me new goals to pursue at the same time. The yoga class has helped me to understand that I can slow down and relax a bit. I am always happy and feeling energized when I’m at the gym. It has made a tremendous improvement in my life.

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