I’d like to challenge brother’s girlfriend to a fitness competition

My brother’s new girlfriend Mary is one of those people who thinks she’s knowledgeable about everything.

She continually brags about her abilities and intelligence.

When she heard that I am a certified personal trainer, Mary right away told me about her superior training regiment. She actually believes she’s in better physical condition than I am. She is convinced that she can run further and faster, complete more pushups and do more pull-ups than I can. I’d really like to prove her mistaken. Mary doesn’t even workout every day. I’ve watched her run and her stride is all wrong. Whenever she opens her mouth I want to challenge her to some type of fitness contest. I’d like to line up side by side and race or compete in push ups or wall sits. I’d like to make sure she knows that there’s no comparison. I doubt Mary can run a complete mile at top speed. I don’t believe she can jog two miles. Her idea of a hard workout is lifting a three-pound dumbbell for a few repetitions. She has no clue how to properly go about a warm up or cool down. She doesn’t work on stretching and isn’t flexible at all. I’ve seen Mary try to touch her toes. I can do a full split with either leg. I can walk in a handstand and maintain the plank position forever. My brother keeps telling me not to antagonize or challenge his girlfriend. He realized that I’ll end up embarrassing his gal. I think it would be beneficial for Mary. She has the mistaken belief that she can make these ridiculous claims without getting tested. I think she might actually hurt herself trying to prove it.



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