Joining a gym and figuring things out as I go

When I decided to get more physically fit, I joined a gym.

I was slightly overwhelmed by the atmosphere in the gym.

Everybody seemed to be in great shape, trim and strong. They all looked to be experts at what they were doing. I had no clue how to go about effectively working out. I’d never tried any type of exercise program before. The long rows of complex machines were a mystery to me. I had no idea how to begin to utilize them. I wasn’t even certain how to adjust the position of the seat or amount of weight. Even the most basic treadmill included all sorts of buttons, settings and adjustments. I was worried about embarrassing myself or even getting hurt. I started by shopping for a new workout wardrobe. I decided that looking like a fitness expert would make me feel like one and give me a boost in confidence. I spent quite a bit of money on a variety of shorts, tanks and socks designed to wick away moisture. I also picked out a new pair of sneakers that were more expensive than my gym membership. Once I stepped inside the gym, I walked straight over to a treadmill. I was pretty sure I could figure out how to run on it. I spent the entire hour on the treadmill, switching between running and walking. I took the opportunity to watch other people and learn from them. I slowly started to figure out how the different equipment operated. I eventually tried out the stationary bike, elliptical and stairmaster. I then moved on to the weight lifting machines and finally tried out the free weights. It took me several months to build up the courage to enroll in a group fitness class. At first, I took a spot in the back row of these classes. I’ve now built up enough confidence to stand in the front.


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