Personal trainer works with me to overcome depression

I’ve always dealt with problems with depression. Not long after graduating from college, the issue became much worse. I found it hard to maintain a task, which led to financial concerns. It was an effort to get out of bed in the mornings. I gained a considerable amount of weight and lost confidence. I took some different medications but was unhappy with the long-term potential side-effects. I went into therapy but had little success with it. My older brother finally recommended I sign up with a personal trainer. Initially, I was reluctant to even try it. I felt intimidated by the idea of working out with a professional. I was self-conscious about my weight and lack of muscle tone. I was certain I’d embarrass myself. My older brother offered to sign up with me. He looked into several trainers available in our local area and arranged a schedule for our training sessions. My brother handled everything, and I have him to credit for changing my life. After just one session with the personal trainer, I felt transformed into a new person. The trainer is totally upbeat, encouraging and wonderfully supportive. She was happy to consult with me about my concerns and fears. She helped me to figure a path to motivation and helped me work through the many stumbling blocks. She was adamant about the importance of a full night’s sleep, nutritious diet and being active. The workouts are seriously demanding. At the end, I’m always saturated with sweat and thoroughly exhausted. However, I feel so good about reaching for and achieving new goals. I feel stronger, healthier and better about myself. Outside of the sessions with the personal trainer, I’ve joined some organized activities. I’ve participated in white-water rafting, ran in a marathon and went on a kayaking excursion. I’ve made some friends and am so much happier.

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